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Season One

1-01 I May be Seeing Things, But I’m Not Crazy  - Sept 15/81
1-02 Sight Unseen - Sept 22/81
1-03 A Charming Sight  - Sept 29/81

Season Two

2-01 Looking Back - Oct 27/82
2-02 An Eye For An Eye - Oct 20/82
2-03 Seeing Double - Nov 3/82
2-04 Through The Looking Glass - Nov 10/82
2-05 Eyes Too Big For His Stomach -Nov 17/82
2-06 Evil Eye - Nov 24/82
2-07 Hear No Evil, See No Evil -Dec 1/82
2-08 In The Eyes Of The Law - Dec 8/82

Season Three

3-01 Snow Blind - Feb 12/84
3-02 Second Sight - Feb 26/84
3-03 I’m Looking Through You - Jan 29/84
3-04 Now You See Him, Now You Don’t - Feb 5/85
3-05 Seeing R.E.D. *****[90 minutes] ******* - Jan 15/84
3-06 Someone Is Watching - Jan 22/84
3-07 An Eye On The Future - Feb 19/84
3-08 Looking Good - Mar 4/84

Season Four

4-01 You Can’t Believe Your Eyes - Feb 17/85
4-02 Eye In The Sky Part I - Mar 3/85
4-03 Eye In The Sky Part II - Mar 10/85
4-04 Fortune And Ladies’ Eyes - Feb 3/85
4-05 Seeing the Country - Feb 10/85
4-06 Defective Vision - Feb 24/85
4-07 I’ll Be Seeing You - Mar 17/85
4-08 Blind Alley - Mar 24/85

Season Five

5-01 The Eyes of Ra - Feb 16/86
5-02 If Looks Could Kill - Feb 9/86
5-03 I’m Dancing With Stars In My Eyes - Feb 23/86
5-04 Optical Illusion - Mar 2/86
5-05 The Night Has A Thousand Eyes - Feb 2/86
5-06 The Walls Have Eyes - Jan 26/86
5-07 Look At Me, Look At Me - Mar 9/86
5-08 The Hang-Dog Look - Mar 16/86

Season Six

6-01 Here’s Looking At You - Feb 24/87
6-02 Eye Of The Beholder - Mar 3/87
6-03 Spectacle Of India - Mar 10/87
6-04 Another Point Of View - Mar 17/87
6-05 The Naked Eye - Mar 24/87
6-06 Bull’s Eye - Mar 31/87
6-07 Gifted Pupils - Apr 7/87
6-08 A Vision in White - May 15/87

Main Characters

Louis Del Grande as Louie Ciccone
Janet-Laine Green as Crown Attorney Heather Redfern
Martha Gibson as Marge Ciccone
Frank Adamson as Sergeant Brown

Fringe Characters

Ivan Beaulieu as Jason Ciccone
Murray Westgate as Max Perkins
Al Bernardo as Alberto Ciccone
Lynne Gordon as Anna Ciccone
Louis Negin as Marlon
John Fox as Falstaff
Ratch Wallace as Kenny
Cec Linder as Spencer

Episode Details


A comedy-mystery series. Reporter Louie Ciccone is assigned to cover the courts,
and he wanders into the trial of a derelict charged with a skid row murder. It
seems like an open and shut case hut then Louie has a vision and becomes
convinced that the tramp has been framed. Louie has a hard time persuading the
Assistant Crown Attorney, Heather Redfern, that she must reconsider her
prosecution of the case.

102 – SIGHT UNSEEN – No. 254-81-02

Reporter Louie Ciccone covers the murder of a wealthy art patron and learns that
the police suspect the collector’s favourite artist, a sculptor who has
disappeared. Louie soon discovers other suspects as he goes on a dangerous chase
for the killer.

103 – A CHARMING SIGHT – No. 254-81-03
Louie hunts for a slayer on the set of a popular TV show where Marge has a new

201– LOOKING BACK – No. 254-82-01
Reporter Louis Ciccone insists his wife
accompany him to a high school reunion, At the reunion he meets a former
classmate who has become a multi-millionaire. Moments later the wealthy man’s
body is discovered floating in the pool and Louie is charged with murder.
Anthony Parr
August Schellenberg
Ken James

202– AN EYE FOR AN EYE – No, 254-82-02

Season premiere. A comedy-mystery series about a newspaper reporter with
extra-sensory perception, which lands him in the middle of some bizarre murder
cases, In tonight’s episode, An Eye For An Eye, reporter Louie Ciccone gets a
vision while watching a news report on the shocking murder 0£ a prominent
spokesman tar international Jewish causes. The intrepid reporter helps in the
arrest at a flea- Nazi who quickly confesses, But Louie begins to wonder if he’s
caught the real killer.

203– SEEING DOUBLE – 98/05/25 – No. 254-82-03

Louie Ciccone’s wife is handed an antique urn by a mysterious woman in
Chinatown, A murder occurs and the victim was supposed to be Marge
Ciccone, Louie and Marge are pursued by a number of sinister
character’ who wilt stop at nothing to gain possession of the urn.
Guest Stars
Francine Volker
Herbert Lee
Sol Mandlsohn

204– THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS  – No. 254-82-04

Heather Redfern’s hockey-star boyfriend is devastated when his friend and
team-mate falls to his death during an old-timers benefit game. The police
believe that it was a freak accident, but Louie’s vision convinces him

205– EYES TOO BIG FOR HIS STOMACH – No. 254-82-05

When competition between Toronto restaurants results in murder. Louie enlists
the aide of Gazette food Editor Marlon Bede, sending him undercover tp work as a
sous-chef for the prime suspect. Louie must break the case before Marlon cracks
under the strain of working as a spy.

206– EVIL EYE –– No, 254-82-06

An old friend of Louie’s is charged with murdering his fiancée’s wealthy father.
Even though Louie’s friend is the original born-loser and a gold-digger to boot.
Louie is convinced he is innocent, and that there’s more to this murder, and the
victim’s past than the police are willing to Admit

207– HEAR NO EVIL, SEE NO EVIL – No. 254-82-07

Louie used to be the number 1 fan of Stevie Mercer, a singer charged with the
murder of another pop star.

208– IN THE EYES OF THE LAW – No. 254-82-08

Assistant Crown Attorney Weather Redfern is threatened
by a drug dealer she has just prosecuted but she refuses police protection.
Instead she prepares for a big yacht race. When Heather’s friend is murdered,
it’s apparent that the killer was looking for Heather and reporter Louie Ciccone
enters the sailing world to serve as her bodyguard.
Guest Stars
Eric Mouse
Lee Broker
Denis Forrest

301– SNOW BLIND – No. 254-83-01

Louie and Marge are having a romantic weekend
at a ski lodge which is interrupted when a chandelier falls and crushes a guest
to death during the welcome dance. Louie’s vision tells him that it was murder
and the trail leads him from a hot tub to the top of a ski hill called Devil’s
Run, where the killer tries to make sure that Louie’s first skiing lesson will
be his last.
Guest Stars
Barbara Hamilton

302– SECOND SIGHT – No. 254-83-02

There is more than meets the mind’s eye when famed
psychic The Great Eli tells a heckler at one of his shows to `Begone! And
moments later the man drops dead. Louie is In the audience and suspects murder
rather than supernatural powers, but when he tries to investigate The Great Eli
he finds himself on the receiving end of the next Begone!’ curse.
Guest Stars
Barry Morse
Bruno Gerussi

303– I'M LOOKING THROUGH YOU – No. 254-83-03

Comedy-mystery series. The protest bombing of a weapons factory causes Louie to
have a vision of Marge in her sixties hippie days. He finds out that Mange
hasn’t been totally honest with him about the men in her life as he frantically
tries to figure out which ore of her former boyfriends grew up to be a bomber.
Dogging his heels Is an Intrepid U.S. Marshall who wants to charge Mange with
aiding and abetting terrorism.
Guest Stars
Don Francks

304– NOW YOU SEE HIM, NOW YOU DON’T – No. 254-83-04

Heather Redfern is the sole eye witness to the shooting
death of international financial analyst and guru James Englander and Louie is
the first reporter on the scene. The next morning the Gazette scoops every other
paper in town with Louie’s exclusive story. The paper hits the street Just as
Englander appears on local television to state that the rumours of his death are
greatly exaggerated.
Guest Stars
Gordon Pinsent [as] [James Englander, financial analyst and guru]
Frank Adamson [as] [Sergeant Brown]

305– SEEING R.E.D. – No. 254-83-05

A 90-minute special begins the new season of this comedy-mystery series about
the escapades of a newspaper reporter who has visions. Reporter Louie Ciccone
attempts to clear Heather Redfern’s boyfriend, hockey star Kenny Volker, of a
murder charge after a bar room brawl has left a mild-mannered psychiatrist dead.
His Investigation leads him into the middle of a triangle formed by an
unscrupulous research scientist, the fanatical commander of an elite
anti-terrorist army unit, and a drugged chimpanzee.
Guest Stars
Rita Tushingham

306– SOMEONE IS WATCHING – No. 254-83-06

Things start to go bump in the night when Heather Redfern buys an old house
which triggers new visions for Louie. A portrait spouts blood, bizarre
neighbours and toe supposed suicide of a farmer occupant combine to thrust Louie
and Heather Into their own twilight zone.
Guest Stars
Kate Reid
Charles Shamata

307– AN EYE ON THE FUTURE – No. 254-83-07

Marge is in love with her new Job at what appears to be the perfect old folks
home. But Louie has a vision which suggests that appearances can be deceiving
and he persuades his parents to commit their ageing father to Happy Haven so he
can help with the undercover investigation. Also starring Janet-Lame Green.
Guest stars: Saul Rubinek and Kate Lynch.
Guest Stars
Luigi Pelligrini

308– LOOKING GOOD! – No. 254-83-08

Louie steps In to help his old nemesis, Sergeant Brown when the homicide
detective’s daughter is accused of killing a fellow contestant during a beauty
pageant. Louie’s visions lead him to suspect that there Is a killer backstage
and we discover that Sergeant Brown’s daughter Is not necessarily the Innocent
little girl her father thinks her to be.
Guest Stars
Micki Moore
Marvin Goldhar

401– YOU CAN’T BELIEVE YOUR EYES – NO. 254-84-01

An unidentified body at the airport, a ‘flaky' student’s disappearance, and a
gun-toting next-door neighbour lead Louie and Marge into the world of political

402– EYE IN THE SKY, PART 1 – NO. 254-84-02 (PART I)

In this special two-hour Seeing Things show. Louie’s short-lived career as a
television reporter almost costs him his life when his news helicopter is shot
from the sky. His subsequent investigation of a triple murder exposes a
dangerous cover-up involving nuclear waste.
Guest Stars
John Ireland

403– EYE IN THE SKY, PART 2 – NO. 254-84-03 (PART II)
In this special two-hour Seeing Things show. Louie’s short-lived career as a
television reporter almost costs him his life when his news helicopter is shot
from the sky. His subsequent investigation of a triple murder exposes a
dangerous cover-up involving nuclear waste.

404– FORTUNE AND LADIES’ EYES – NO. 254-84-04

While in jail for contempt of court, Marge witnesses a murder. Fearing for her
life frantic Louie investigates and enters the backstage world of striptease.
Louie dons a particularly distinctive disguise and comes face to face with the

405– SEEING THE COUNTRY – NO. 254-84-03

When Louie fishes a skeleton out of a country lake, his holiday with Marge runs
into a nightmare Louie’s Fiery visions almost get him burned.

406– DEFECTIVE VISION – NO. 254-84-06

A Russian KGB agent is murdered during a Soviet ballet company’s premier
performance in Toronto. Louie's attempts to find the prime suspect throw him
into conflict with the RCMP. the CIA. The KGB. the local police, and some very
straight Russian émigrés.
Guest Star [4-06]
Ross Petty
Maury Chaykin  [as] [Randall Jackson, U.S. Federal Marshall]
Karen Kain [as] [ballerina] Ross Petty’s reallife wife]

407– I’LL BE SEEING YOU – NO. 254-84-07

When two members of Al Ciccone’s social club are murdered, it appears that Louie
will have to clear his own father of suspicion. But when an attempt is made on
Al’s life he goes into hiding using Louie as has bodyguard.
Guest Stars
llan Nichols
Tony de Santis

408– BLIND ALLEY – NO. 254--84-06

When Louie thwarts a police investigation, Sgt. Brown coerces him into joining
forces with a gang of international thieves. Disguised as an explosives expert,
Louie almost blows more than his cover while attempting to steal the priceless
Mask of Agamemnon from the Central Ontario Museum.

501– THE EYES OF RA – NO. 254-85-01

While covering the opening of a new exhibit at the Ontario Museum of Archeology.
Louie has a vision of a murder that took piece three thousand years ago in
Egypt. The next day he encounters a present-day murder in which the modus
operandi parallels that or the ancient killing. Is the curse of the mummy
Hesidek coming true? If so, then our intrepid reporter could be the next victim.

502– IF LOOKS COULD KILL – NO. 254-85-02

Courtroom drama hits a new high when Heather. Louie and Marge are kidnapped by a
gun-toting defendant. Believing him to be innocent of the murder of a
health-club owner. Louie and Marge hunt for new evidence while Redfern remains
the hostage of a manipulative kidnapper.


The world of ballroom dancing takes a murderous turn. Louie fears for Marge’s
life when she is chosen to become the new dancing partner of a man Louie
suspects is a ballroom bluebeard.

504– OPTICAL ILLUSION – NO. 254-85-04

Jason’s summer job at a carnival brings Louie face to face with a gorilla, the
CIA, and murder. Louie joins the show only to find this carnival is definitely
not all fun and games.


After a mysterious explosion shatters the night, the police arrest an elderly
eccentric who keeps mysteriously escaping from their custody and ending up on
Louie’s doorstep. Louie starts a journey into the unknown where the sky really
is the limit.

506– THE WALLS HAVE EYES – NO. 254-85-06

An egocentric criminal lawyer stages a mystery weekend at his isolated island
estate. Louie, Marge. and the rest of the guests are forced to start playing the
sleuthing game for real when someone switches blanks for real bullets in the gun
Heather Redfern uses to “murder” her host.

507– LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME. – NO. 254-85-07

Louie becomes the newsman of the hour when his stories about the Metro jester, a
Quixotic prankster who is single-handedly attempting to right society’s wrongs,
hit the front page. Unfortunately, Louie’s fame is cut short when one of the
Jester’s stunts appears to cause the death of an innocent bystander.

508– THAT HANG-DOG LOOK – NO. 254-85-08

When Louie pets a stray dog, he has a vision that convinces him that not only
did the dog witness it’s master’s murder, but it also knows where the body is
buried. A second murder follows, and a sinister assortment of people attempt to
stop the dog from leading Louie back to its master’s grave.'

601– HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU – NO. 254-86-01

Once upon a time the King of Drabvania came to Toronto… and the King bears a
striking resemblance to Louie. But just as Louie agrees to impersonate the
monarch, the royal bodyguard is murdered and the real king disappears. In this
Prisoner of Zenda-inspired episode, a $600- million loan and a bowling bail both
contribute to Louie's capture of the killer.

602– EYE OF THE BEHOLDER – NO. 254-86-02

Louie’s introduction to the world of high fashion starts on the wrong foot –
especially when he’s convinced that a beautiful model’s life is threatened by
her designer husband. But it’s not just the model’s future that's beginning to
look bleak. When Louie and the model clash with the crazed husband, it is Louis
who fires the fatal shot. Luckily his clairvoyant powers come to the rescue just
as he's contemplating life in the slammer.

603– SPECTACLE OF INDIA – NO. 254-86-03

The smell of grease paint in an amateur theatre provides disastrous to Marge.
Redfern and Louie, and deadly to has-been director Julien Bell. But "the play
must go on," and the results are missed cues, drunken actors and Louie's
discovery of a bomb set to go off in the middle of the opening night
performance. indeed, the chaos on stage is only slightly interrupted by the
explosion, which blows a hole into the bank next door. For the Finale. Louis and
the culprit fight it out in an Errol Flynn routine, to the delight of the
audience, who think it’s all part of the show!

604– ANOTHER POINT OF VIEW – NO. 254-86-04

Louis goes undercover to write a first-person story on Toronto's homeless and
dispossessed. His first encounter with this lifestyle is the discovery of a
corpse on a park bench. The coroner states the cause of death was exposure. but
Louie's chilling visions tell him the stiff did more then catch a chill. He
enlists the help of two indigents, Long John and Bert, to crack a case that
involves an immigration scam and a frozen food factory.

605– THE NAKED EYE – NO. 254-86-05

A loincloth-clad native from the jungles of Brazil mysteriously pops up at a
Toronto-area safari park, where he accidentally scratches Marge with a poison
dart. When an anthropologist is killed with the same kind of dart and Marge
slips into a coma, Louie and Redfern join the police, a big-game hunter and a
South American priest in a race against time to try to find the wild man and an
antidote for the poison.

606– BULL'S EYE – NO. 254-86-06

Louie and Marge go country and western when Louie is assigned to interview
country singer Donna Anderson. Marge has a reunion with her Uncle Jack, whose
dude ranch is the location for a Donna Anderson concert. When Slick Brewster, a
young ranch hand, is accidentally gored by `a "mad" bull and Donna Anderson's
cabin explodes, Louie discovers that there is more to country songs than tears.
Guest Stars
Ronnie Hawkins [as] [Uncle Jack]

607– GIFTED PUPILS – NO. 254-86-07

Louie and Redfern guest lecture at Redfern’s alma mater, the exclusive private
school Weatherfield Hall. The next night, the dotty old former headmaster is
killed as a result of what appears to be a schoolboy prank. When the school
authorities try to hush things up. Louie begins to suspect that the young
student who is being blamed For the death is really being used as a fall guy.
His investigation reveals not only that the death wasn't accidental, but that
there are far more sinister goings-on at Weatherfield Hall than anyone could

608– A VISION IN WHITE – NO. 254-86-08

While reporting on a gangland-style slaying. Louie discovers that Redfern is
keeping two secrets from him – one, she is leading a major probe into organised
crime. and two, she is going to be married When Louie suggests that her fiancée
may have sinister connections to the mob murder, both Redfern and Marge respond
that Louie is so upset by the prospect of losing his fantasy girlfriend that he
will even lie about his visions to stop the marriage.
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