I don't remember all too much about this show. It was hosted by Louise McNamara. Dealt with the Human Body - think it was geared towards ages 6-8. I think there were 12 episodes in all. This show aired on PBS, TVO, TV Ontario, TVOntario.

As you can see "What Keeps You Alive" was on episode in the series.

A character called "Iris the Virus" A picture of a really nasty looking, dirty face and them saying "this is what happens if you never wash your face"
The host of the show eating Indian food with her hands and saying that not everyone eats with a fork, but it's important to wash your hands.
Maybe it was a show to teach kids hygiene?

Thanks to William here is the episode guide:

1.What Are You Anyway?
2.What Holds You Up?
3.No Strings on You
4.Move Those Muscles!
5.What’s Your Fuel?
6.It’s What You Eat
7.Good Mouthkeeping
8.What Are You Made Of?
9.Take a Deep Breath
10.Your Heart: The Mighty Muscle

11.Getting Rid of Waste
12.Your Birthday Suit
13.Getting the Message
14.Your Busy Brain
15.Listen, Look, and Learn
16.Handy Hands
17.Talk, Talk, Talk
18.What Keeps You Alive?
19In the Beginning
20.Secrets in Your Cells

21.Look at You Now!
22.No Two Alike
23.Sneezles, Wheezles and Measles
24.Watch Out!
25.If You Go to the Hospital
26.You and Your Feelings
27.Everybody is Afraid Sometimes
28.What Are Families Made Of?
29.Everybody Needs a Friend
30. Everybody Else and You…


Further info on the first ten episodes:

Are You A Machine - introduces children to the idea that their bodies are like machines in many ways and different from them in other ways.

Two Hundred Bones - shows the framework of bones in the body and describes its functions

No Strings On You - considers muscles as bands which hold the bone framework together and give it movement. Explains why excercise is important

What's Your Fuel? - explains how the body changes food into fuel needed for energy.

Twenty White Horses - demonstrates how teeth function and why it is necessary to take good care of them.

Take a Deep Breath - considers the body's need for air and how it gets in and out of the body

Your Wonderful Pump - explains the function of the heart and blood circulation

Getting the Message - reviews the five senses and the brain

You and your Feelings - explains emotions and the importance of considering the feelings of others.

My, How You've Grown! - introduces the idea that growth takes place when cells divide and portrays the amazing potential of a baby.

If you have any information on this show - please let me know.