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This was a cartoon show that looks like it was made somewhere in Europe. The Barbapapa family consisted of the mother and father and seven children. Each child had a special talent such as Strength, Beauty, Passion for Animals, Liked to read, etc.

All Barbapapa characters also had a special talent. They could transfor themselves into all types of shapes - by uttering the magical words "Click-a-dee-click...Barba-trick"

I recall watching Barbapapa alot of TVO, TVOntario, TV Ontario. The time I remember it airing was usually on Saturday afternoons.

I have some books from this show as well.


Barbapapa was produced in Europe. TVO Ontario I know aired it often in the late 70's and 80's. Here are some images from the show:


Here are some good links that talk more aobut the show:

The official website from France:

 This fan site looks like it is from Germany

Finally a site someone created since they couldn't find anything out there on the show:

Peter Kenter provides us the lyrics and confirms that the show only aired on TVO, but was not created by them, but rather some network in Europe. Peter Kenter, you may or may not know, wrote an excellent book about historically all the programs that aired on network TV in Canada - that were produced in Canada. I highly recommend this book to everyone, it is a very enjoyable read - check it out at the following link:

TV NORTH at Chapters


The Theme:

Here are the words to the Barbapapa theme:

Here is the star it’s Barbapapa
He’ll introduce all of the other Barbapapas
They’ve got a lot of wild disguises
They can change their shapes and sizes
Very easily….
Barbapapa’s pink, he’s in the pink, he’s pinker than flamingo pink
Barbamama’s black as night, when it gets dark, she’s out of sight.
Barbazoo’s a yellow fellow,
Barbalala’s very very green,
Barbalib is orange like an orange or a tangerine
Barbabeau is black and also furry
But since he always play around with paint,
He often looks a colour that he ain’t
Now Barbabelle is deep deep purple,
Barbabright’s true true blue
Barbabravo ? he’s the one who’s redder than the setting sun
That I think is everybody done.
I wanna be like Barbapapa
Oh yes i do I wanna be a Barbapapa
They’ve got a lot of wild disguises
They can change their shapes and sizes
Very easily…. Show me your magic Barbapapa
I wanna be like Barbapapa