(Bits n Bites, Bits n' Bytes, Bits 'n Bytes)

Some images from the start of the show:

The host Luba Goy:

The student - the late great Billy Van:

A PET Computer:

Info on the show:

Bits and Bytes was an educational 12 part computer series. Billy Van was the student and Luba Goy was the instructor. Billy had various computers at his disposal - Commodore, IBM, Apple to name just a few. As well he had access to datasettes, printers, disk drivers, modems and many other items. Goy would instruct what Van would need to do and then allow Van to learn for himself - basically, what we now call online courses. Van came across as quite uneducated - which was good in that many viewers of the show would be in the same boat. During the show we would often be taken out of the 'classroom' and be shown real world interviews, applications and so forth. Teachers, Programmers, Students would be interviewed to name just a few. We got to see many concepts that made it (a giant CD rom) and others that did not - Telidon. It is quite fascinating to look back at how computers were percevied some 20 years ago.


This program is sponsored, in part, by grants from:
Radio Shack, a division of Tandy Electronics Limited
Digital Equipment of Canada Limited
NABU Manufacturing Corporation

and the following companies.

Xerox Inc. (?)
Apple Computers Inc.


Patterns of light on the video screen
Images bright flow in an endless stream
Bits of Information, Logic black & white
Bits and Bytes of information turn darkness to light


Program 1: Getting Started
Program 2: Ready-Made Programs
Program 3: How Programs Work?
Program 4: File & Data Management (?)

Program 5: Communication Between Computers
Program 6: Computer Languages
Program 7: Computer-Assisted Instruction
Program 8: Games & Simulations

Program 9: Computer Graphics
Program 10: Computer Music
Program 11: Computers at Work
Program 12: What Next?


The people behind the show:

Original Music - Harry Forbes, George Axon
Animation Voice - Fred Napoli
Animation - Grafilm Productions Inc.
Consultants - Jim Butterfield, David Humphreys, Mike H. Stein, Jo Ann Wilton
Unit Manager - Rodger Lawson
Production Editor - Michael Kushner
Production Assistant - Geroge Pyron
Executive Producer - Mike McManus
Director - Stu Beecroft
Written & Produced by - Denise Boiteau and David Stansfield

Thank you to Rico Catibog for providing me a great dub of the series



The Academy was hosted by Jack Livesley. This program was used as an accompaiment to Bits and Bytes. Viewers could register with TVOntario, get several workbooks that contained extra information including programs. The legendary Jim Butterfield provided all the computer expertise on this program. At the end of the show, viewer mail would be responded to by Jim.

Here are some additional photos from the program: