I barely remember anything on this show - other than it dealt with music and the host of it - was you guessed it BJ Vibes.

If you have any info on it - please let me know!

Here is some info on the show provided by Mr. Rick Okada:

The show was produced by Sincinkin Ltd., contact persons George Pastic and Andrew Welsh who produced the series. Paul Hoffert of Lighthouse did the music and my partner Michael Paul and myself wrote the series. I believe we did 9 segments, each on a different aspect of music, Timbre, Rhythm, etc. I don’t know if TVO has anything in their archives but I know it was sold to several PBS stations in the US and Europe.

And some further info provided by Mr. Paul Hoffert (of the classic Canadian Rock Group Lighthouse)

As I recall, the World of BJ Vibes was a great kids series that used music to educate kids about music while having fun.

I recall that Bryn Matthews, who later became President and General Manager of CJOH (CTV) in Ottawa and is now on the board of Astral Media, was very involved, perhaps as executive Producer of the series. He hired me as composer and music director.

World of BJ Vibes Episodes available as teaching aids for grades 4-6 (University of Waterloo library)
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