Show was hosted by Jan Rubes. It aired starting in 1975 on TV Ontario, TVO, TV Ontario. "Welcome boys and girls" was said by Jan in a friendly reassuring voice. He also sang the shows opening theme. It was sort of nonsensical. Like "guess what! rum pum pum pum pum. Sort of operatic sounding.

They had an episode where Jan Rubes talked about how people's last names come from the occupations of their ancestors (like Smith was a blacksmith or
Livingstone was a lazy person). He talked about how salt used to be very valuable and expensive so it was bad luck to spill it. There was also an episode
about early animation and they showed footage of a horse running.

The theme song from Lily:

Hop lopa diggy dum
Diggy-diggy doo,
Here is a question just for you
(more nonsense)
Guess what? (two beats)
Guess what? (two beats)
Guess what? Pa pa pa pa pa pa-pum

Barbara provides this nugget of info: I remember an episode of Guess What? with Jan Rubes very vividly. The show was about Ukrainian easter eggs, and he showed us how to use wax crayons on eggs to make the designs. He wrote "Happy Easter" on one egg in light coloured wax, and then dyed the egg in a dark colour. It was kind of magical when "Happy Easter" appeared on the egg and I remember his great, bass voice reading the words, "Easter...Happy......Happy Easter!"


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