Harriet's Magic Hats


I don't know very much about this show at all - but I've had several request to add a page for it.


The show was produced by the Alberta Access Network

Here are some images from the shows opening:

If you have any info on the show - please send it to me.

From Jessica Owen who was one of the actors from the show:

My experience with Harriet’s Magic Hats seems like a lifetime ago and in many ways it was. I was the second actor to fill the roll of the little girl. Each actor was contracted to do 13, half hour episodes. I vaguely remember shooting episodes like the Sheep Farmer, the District Home Economist, The Make Up Artist. Mostly I remember having to be away from school and missing all of my friends. I don’t know that I have any great contribution to make to your page but if you’d like to add a link to my home page that would be cool. If I think of anything that might be useful to you I’ll be sure to pass it along. Like I said, it seems like a lifetime ago. Thanks for contacting me and best of luck.



From Laila a fan of the program:

Just to let you know Harriet's Magic Hats was about an Aunt who had quite an interesting collection of hats. Each episode one of her four nieces would put on a hat and then be transported into an adventure where they would learn about a profession for whatever hat they had on. Like if they put on a hard hat, they might learn about construction work.

"One show I adored was called "Harriet's Magic Hats," produced by TVOntario. It was about this girl named Susan who had this weird aunt Harriet, whose hobby, it seemed, was to take hats from various workplaces and stick them in her trunk, guarded by her puppet parrot, Ralph, who sounded a little like Tobey Maguire doing an impression of Alastair Cooke. Anyway, Susan would burrow through Harriet's trunk, stick on a hat, and get magically beamed to whatever workplace the hat suited. Pretty simple concept....and although low-budget, I liked it as a kid and didn't notice anything. "

From James:

52 eps: 15 mins: 1980-1986 live action: information: english preschool - 12 year olds

Production Company: ACCESS Network, Producer: David Flux, Distribution: ACCESS Network

This series provides children with information about the community around them - the people, their roles, lifestyles, occupations & workplaces.

Jessica Owen was then known as Jessica Schonenberg before she was married. The last lead child actress was Ashley Bristowe (I think).


We learned late in our lives (i.e., after production of "Harriet's Magic Hats" stopped) that Lynne Thornton played Aunt Harriet in Series Three and
Four. I do not think Lynne was there for the first two series of "Harriet's Magic Hats." You need to run through the credits of a show from the first
two series that featured Aunt Harriet (beyond the titles) and find her name in the crawl. That way, you can add this name to Lynne Thornton who, as I
typed earlier, played Aunt Harriet in Series Three and Four.
BTW: Carrie was the last of Aunt Harriet's nieces, fronting Series Four. Stay alert and a Clevelander will provide a scanned photo of Carrie and
Ralph the Parrot. Also BTW: you probably know there were two Ralph the Parrots. Frank C. Turner was Ralph in Series One and Two. The other Ralph,
from Series Three and Four, was performed by Ronnie Burkett. from Cleveland

Here is a partial episode list and some further info provided by Neal:

01 The Hats Are Magic
02 Disc Jockey
03 Dairy Farmer
04 Beekeeper
05 Park Interpreter
06 Florist
07 Garbage Collector
08 Grain Elevator Operator
09 Telephone Installer
10 Carpenter
11 Veternarian
12 Welder
14 Auctioneer
18 Sheep Farmer
21 Pasta Maker
24 Airline Pilot
25 Dentist
26 Puppeteer
27 Rodeo Cowboy
28 Firefighter
29 Mechanic
30 Geologist
31 Bank Manager
32 Police Officer
33 Baker
34 Community Health Nurse
35 Actor
36 Computer Specialist
37 Water Treatment Specialist
38 Zoo Keeper
39 Weather Forecaster

That's all I have copies of. If James is right, there are 52 episodes in all. Each one is 14:30 in length. The titles of the episodes of course refer to the hat and the place where Harriet's niece would travel to 'magically' each episode (what kind of hat does a Weather Forecaster wear?). Mostly an eductional piece. For us who grew up in Alberta, everyone saw it. In school, at home, it was played everywhere.