(photo compliments of Peter Kenter)

Jeremy was a stuffed bear. I think he was moved using stop-animotion. Jeremy had friends Mr. Raven (who was a bird) and Hector (who has a rat). Each show lasted 15 minutes - Jeremy went on adventures around the world and to outer space. I think the shows were just sliced up movies.

I recall the showing airing at 6:30 weeknights on TVO, TV Ontario, TVOntario - Monday, Wednesday and sometimes Friday. Afterwards Readalong would air and then Write On.

Some images from the shows opening


Jeremy singing and dancing. He can carry a tune!



And what a dancer - Fred Astaire look out.


Here are some images from the first episode:

Jeremy at home and on his way to school

Still on his way to school

Jeremy at school

Jeremy not doing so well at school

Jeremy sent home from school


Jeremy as I have found out aired thoroughout the entire world. In Poland he was called Kolargol. In french Colargol. Very little was found on him on the Internet, until I was told that he was known as Barnaby the Bear in the UK. There are several sites and images available of him (see below).

Some adventures I recall - Jeremy going into outer space, Jeremy visiting Hectors sick uncle overseas (who can forget the psudeo-ocean - plastic covered barber poles rotated to give it that moving effect). There was also one time Jeremy entered a bull riding contest and somehow he knew the bull he was going to ride - the bull let him stay on him for two minutes and Jeremy won the contest as a result. Woo-hoo!

Thanks to Valerie for some of this information

Here are some more photos sent to me by Peter Kenter - these are images that were included in the TVO study aid that teachers would use along with watching the show



Episodes 1-9

Episodes 10-17

Episodes 18-28

Episodes 29-39

Episodes 40-50

Episodes 51-53

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Links on Jeremy:

Barnaby the Bear Site:

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The people who helped make it happen:
Screenplay: Albert Barille
Based on idea from: Olga Pouchine
Music: Mireille
Orchestration: Jean-Michel Defave
Lyrics: Victor Villien
Artistic Supervisor: Tadeusz Wilkosz


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