Hosted by Tony Saletan. Sang the show's begining - went like this:

Notes are as follows: D A7 D A7 D

Let's all sing a song today, a song today, a song today.
Let's all sing a song today with Tony Salatan.
I'll sing a song, and you'll sing too, you'll sing too, you'll sing too.
I'll sing a song and you'll sing too, with Tony Salatan.

From Scott in Ohio:

One song I will never forget was called "Mystical, Magical Food." :) It went like this:

Take a bite of mystical, magical food, it's good."

Take a bite of carrot, you'll be-come a parrot

Take a bite of cheese, you'll be a peking-ese

Take a bite of slaw, you'll be a ma-caw

Take a bite of mys-ti-cal, ma-gi-cal food, it's good.


Found Stuff on Tony - looks like it is his own website!




Need more information on this if you have it