The Math Patrol aired on TVOntario, TV Ontario, TVO around 1977


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The show would start out with someone explaining the basics behind the Math Patrol. We would watch a slide show, given by Mr. Big. First we see the Math Patrol Headquarters.


Next we meet Sidney the star employee of The Math Patrol.


This is Sidney in his undercover costume. It is a kangaroo suit. This is the only outfit that Sidney could fit into.


A little cartoon completes the shows introduction. Sidney in disguise walks around town and the numbers 1 thru 9 pop up in various places (ie. bus). Check out number 3. He is standing next to an old Canada Post Mailbox.


Sidney undercover in a grocery store. This women appearently is up to no good - he is going to have to check out what she's buying.


Sidney going over some basic math skills. Here he talks about the Gorilla problem he faced. He needed an exact number of bananas for each gorilla. Too few and the hungry ones would attack, too many and the extras would be fought over. Math Patrol showed neat ways like this to visualize problems.



Again, more visualization with how to solve math problems.

Here is a link that talks a bit about the show:

Math Patrol Episode Guide:

Adding 1 - Mr. Big sends Sidney to the grocery store to find out if the old lady with a flowered hat is really a spy. Addition facts greater than 5 less than 15.

Adding 2 -Sidney, on an assignmnet he doesn't quite understand, orders everything on the restaurant's menu. When the soup arrives, he's inspired to think of groupings. Values to three places, 2 digit addition without regrouping.

Addition 3 - Sidney has received his box of mail-order brain food and has made a special potion to make his brain grow larger. But it isn't his brain that starts growing. Addition facts from 1 to 100, mental calculation, regrouping, the 100 board as attack method for addition.

Addition 4 - Sidney is busy mixing a special antidote for giant ears and has to figure out what else to add to the recipe besides sliced pickles and soapy water. Two and three digit number exploration, two digit addition with regrouping, extensions.

Area - Mr. Big asks Sidney to paper a wall in the Big house. Is Sidney really just making another big mess when he rips tiles off the floor? No Sindey is tesselating a wall. Basics of area measurements.

Division 1 - Sidney and Spot have to clean the Math Shop but Spot's curiosity causes more cleaning problems than they solve. Dividing sets, division frames, repeated subtraction, estimation algorithms.

Division 2 - Sidney stars in a western movie that includes a real tough showdown - in long division - with Mean Marty. Estimation skills capitalizing on larger numbers, checking estimations.

Fractions - Sidney tests a formula to make himself invisible and immediaetly begins to worry that he won't enjoy his invisibility. Fractions in regular and decimal notations, the equality of fractional parts when partitioning a whole object.

Length - Mr. Big promises Sidney a new disguise and Sidney tries to take his own measurements to make certain the new clothes will fit him. We also hear a story about people who try to measure a moat by using pretzels, spoons and shoelaces. Comparison, measurement.

Math: Who Needs It? - Sidney is discouraged and tells Mr. Big that he's leaving Math Patrol. Mr. Big, who wants to talk things over, enthusiastically recalls their many adventures. Sindey's moral gets a big boost.

Multiplication 1 - Sidney is too tired to fall asleep. Even counting sheep doesn't help: first they're too disorganized and then they're too orderly. Attack methods for multiplication.

Multiplication 2 - Mr. Big asks Sidney to feed his pet, who turns out to be a very special Tasmanian Swamp Beast with equally special feeding instructions. Arrays, commutative and distributive properties of multiplication.

Shapes - Mr. Big is woorried about the signs around town that say circles are square and squares are triangles. Sidney is to appear on television to set things straight. Introduction to two-dimensional geometry.

Solids (Geomtry 1) - Sidney is looking after Mr. Bigs car, the Solid Mobile. Although he's been warned not to, Sidney blows the horn and the care plies into pieces. How objects move, definitions of geometric formations based on movement.

Subtraction 1 - Sidney has to track down His Highness Lord Minus, who makes things disappear and leaves a trail of minus signs. The word 'minus', subtraction, addition.

Subtraction 2 - When the fiendish Lord Minus steals Sindey's lamp post, Sidney finally traps him, he thinks. Subtraction and addition facts not involving regrouping.

Subtraction 3 - Sidney, in charge of the Math Shop, manages to break things while telling everybody not to break anything. He asks the Math Patrollers watching the program to help him. Two digit subtraction, manipulation aids, subtraction on the 100 board and the number line.

Subtraction 4 - Sidney, a guest on a television gourmet program, wants to cook Subtraction Soup with Chicken, but the chicken, very much alive, has other ideas. Manipulative aids, mental calculation, standard logarithms.

Symmetry - Sidney and Spot are out to catch the Flipper, the fiend who turns the world upside down wherever he goes. Lines of symmetry, generating lines of symmetry.

Transformations - Sidney cleverly locks himself into a pitch-dark safe at Math Patrol headquarters. He doesn't know he has company: a burglar is hiding there with the stolen payroll. Motion geometry, directions on the surface, the words 'slide' and 'turn'.


The people who brought it all together:
Sidney: John Kozak
Other players: Jessica Booker, Carl Banas, Luba Goy, Nikki Tilroe
Writer: Joanne Hauser
Musical Director: Clive VanderBurgh
Animation: M.S. Art Services
Technical Director: Stu Beecroft
Floor Director: Sean Ryerson
Design: Dick Derhodge
Audio: George Claridge
Cameras: Willi Schryver, Richard Cable
Lighting: Ranjit Dulabh
Production Assistant: Jane Downey
Videotape Editor: Brian Elston
Producer/Director: Clive VanderBurgh