Measure Metric was a joint effort by OECA (TVO) and AIT made in 1976.

It was an AIT production, produced and filmed at TVO (then OECA) in 1976. William Davidson ("Adventures in Rainbow Country") was the series writer. I am under the impression that there were 10 14 minute shows, each one about a different aspect of measurement. The introductory show was called "The Greatest Measurement Show on Earth" and featured a singing sideshow barker, Bob O'Shea (played by Nick Nichols) and a clown, Lord Longfellow (played by Mark Parr).

In 1976 the Metric System was fairly new to Canada. Canada quickly embraced the Metric system and as a result the show became moreorless obsolete as metric became more commonplace. In the US where they still haven't adopted the metric system, the show still airs in classrooms.

The series also had a teacher's guide which listed the programs with suggested activities for teachers to do with their students. It also lists some of the actors and production staff for the shows. The show is no longer listed in the AIT catalogue, but some of the state run educational networks in the US still carry it.

Episode One title screen cap:


Episode One screen cap

Details about Episode One

GreatGreatest Measurement Show on Earth (Video Cassette)

Item Number: 18606

Grade Level: I

Publication Date: 1976

Publisher: AIT - Agency for Instructional Technology

Length: 14 minutes


Smiling Bob O'Shea stresses the need and importance of measurement and introduces characters from the subsequent MeasureMetric programs. GOALS: Student will realize: The need to measure in order to communicate; the importance of measurement in everyday activities; the need for standard units to communicate measurements to others; and that measuring instruments or devices are necessary for making precise measurements. A carnival baker provides a colorful introduction to the importance of: 1) measurement in everyday activities; 2) the need for standard units to communicate measurements to others; and 3) the importance of standard measuring instruments for making precise measurements. This series introduces the use of the metric system as a process of the measurement of length, area, volume, mass, temperature and time. An effective tool for introducing basic concepts of metric measurement and motivating students to see the many practical applications for these measuring techniques and processes.