On the Move (Almost Home) was an offering from the Ontario Educational Communications Authority OECA it was produced in 1972 or 1973. It is quite possible On The Move is not the actual title of this show. The logo differs from the font used in the Episode Title name. I got these episodes from Israel, so when it was converted over a name change may have happened.

Until recently I had never heard of this program and in extensive Internet searches not one single item comes up on this - which is rare for TVO Programs of years gone by. It is with hope of creating this page, that like many of my other TVOntario pages, people will stumble across it and offer some information on this rather interesting TV Ontario program.

On the Move was a fairly simple concept. It followed the travels of a teenager (I would guess around 17 or 18 years old) and his hitchhiking experiences. I only have three episodes (described in more detail below, I am not certain how many episodes exist in all). Our traveller had travelled to Manitoba and was making his was back to his home in Cornwall, Ontario. We would see the hitchhiker going from car to car, place to place and spend some time with the various people he would meet. Some good, some weird, but always interesting.


The actual title was "Almost Home". Nine half-hour episodes were produced. A tenth was scripted but not filmed, and a feature-length compilation of existing episodes was made titled "Never the Same Again". Produced through OECA (as TV Ontario was known at the time) it followed a kid hitch-hiking around the province and discovering the world out there before returning home for his final year of high school. As you've discovered the show was seen around the world and was quite popular with educators. It was a program aimed at high-schoolers rather than the traditionally younger set many of these programs were designed for.

Ken Matthews was played by Michael Duhig and Jim Barren was the actor who was looking for help with the forest fire.

William Davidson, the show's writer, also penned the lyrics to the theme song.

The On the Move theme song Lyrics:

I've been following the sun through the crossroads on my mind
Drifting down the highway surprized by what I find
You never know how far you'll go, until you find the way
So I ride the wind and chase the stars and live from day to day
So I ride the wind and chase the stars and live from day to day


BOOTS - While in a small town (somewhere near Wawa, Kakabecka Falls and Thunder Bay), Ken Matthews picks up some food at a bakery; he then proceeds to an all purpose type store where he buys some food supplies. The owner of the store isn't too keen on hitchhikers and teenagers. When our traveller picks up his backpack to leave, the owner notices the boots that Ken Matthew has. He accuses him of stealing them.

I'M LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS AND YOU'RE IT - Still trying to get home a man picks up Ken and tells him of an urgent need to put out a forest fire. Ken gets recruited and realizes the fire is headed towards an area of a nice elderly couple that had picked him up earlier.

AN OLD MAN WITH A SUITCASE FULL OF BOOKS - Ken bumps into a fellow traveller at a small store. They two talk for a bit and Ken inadvertantly leaves his wallet behind. Later on, Ken running low on funds, decides to look for work - it becomes even greater once he learns of his wallets fate. He gets a day job picking tobacco plants. The urgency of picking these plants is paramount as frost is coming that night. Ken puts in a full day and night of work, and meets a very interesting man.


Here's a link to a short video clip from the show:


In the closing credit no mention of any actors names are ever given, only the people who helped make the program and they are as follows:

Educational Supervisor: Don Torney
Writer: William Davidson
Film Editor: Bernard Beaton, George Appleby
Cameraman: Bob Brooks
Sound: Brian Avery
Producer: Wally Longul

(Thanks to Yaron and Robert for supplying some further info on this show)