Readalong aired on TVOntario, TVO, TV Ontario. Three 30-part series were made in 1975, 1977 and in 1979. The show also aired on PBS in the US.

In my interview with Ken Sobol (the writer for this fine program) he advised me that this show almost never happened. In 1973, Ken penned the concept and presented it. Everyone balked at the idea - a talking boot, teaching children words and spelling. The idea was not well liked. Save for Ruth Vernon (the Educational Supervisor). Ruth Vernon thought the concept would work and be effective and the rest is history.

Max Ferguson and Jack Duffy along with Julie Amato did all the voices on the show. They were instrumental in the success of the show. (Jack Duffy you may know from the CHCH TV show Party Game)

The theme song would start and these are the images we would see

Here is the theme song lyrics:
You put yourself in a book enjoy the stories inside
Read along with us at readalong and ride ride ride,
Cuz reading is a lot of fun and easy too...
So join us here at readalong...
You and you and you and you and you!!!

Boot was one of the characters from the show. He was pretty cool I remember.

Pretty was another popular character

Pretty and Boot were always rumoured to be an item




Granny was another character from the show.



Who can forget (the scary) talking house.

Other characters were The Explorer and Mr. Bones (no pictures available yet)


Paritial Episode Guide (Words taught):

1- Boot, Girl
2- Boy, Room
3- Book (Review)
4- Day, Apple
5- House, Kick

6- Read (Recap)
7- Please, Play
8- Nice, Rain
9- Here, There
10- Pretty, Swim

11- Sleep, Hole
12- Nurse (Recap)
13- Your, Touch
14- Why, Something
15- How, Why, What

16- Where, Turn
17- Could, Would
18- When, Around
19- Safety, Look
20- Party, Dress

21- Caught, Front
22- Friend, Because
23- Noise, Elephant
24- True, False
25- Princess

26- Teacher
27- Flowers
28- Great, Grow
29-Race Champion
30- Question

Did you ever wonder what became of Boot and Pretty? Below answers your "Whatever Beacame of" questions:

Noreen Young made all the puppets you saw on the show - check out all her fine work

Ever wonder what became of Boot? Check out this cool site

Seriously, some of the puppets are in a musuem:

The people that made it possible:
Children: Reena Schellenberg, Moira Knott, Bobby Prochaska, Eric Braslis, Adrian Rajaram
Puppeteers: Noreen Young, Bob Dermer, Nina Keogh
Voices: Max Ferguson, Jack Duffy, Julie Amato
Music: Eric Robertson
Animation: Bill Reed, Patricia Crudden, John Leach, Bill Borg
Writer: Ken Sobol
Educational Supervisors: Ruth Vernon, Jennifer Harvey
Production Assistant: Jeannie Mougeot, Janice Newland, Frances Revell
Producer/Director: Peter McLean, Chris Homer