Hosted by Heather Conkie. Was the follow-up in some respects to Report Metric. People would write in and draw pictures - often Heather Conkie would show or read these. I think she read books on this show too. Obviously geared toward a Canada theme. This show aired on TV Ontario, TVO, TV Ontario. I am pretty sure Heather Conkie sang the theme.

Here's the theme song lyrics comp of

"Have you ever wondered what come before you? Made you who you are? If you look all around, lots clues can be found. You won't have to look too far. Mounties, and Eskimos, beavers, and totem poles, mountains, and Prairies. Forests to roam. Artists, and pioneers, miners, and engineers, oceans, and highways throughout the country that grows on Report Canada. We're gonna move on. On Report Canada. We're gonna move on."

However, website visitor Heather remembers it this way:

Heather Conkie sat a green desk. On the wall behind her was a big green and blue map of Canada. I seem to remember her pointing out on the map where the kids who would send stuff in lived. I also remember the theme song behing slightly different that what was posted. I remember part of it being, "Report Canada discover who you are. (repeated)