Two Plus You was a math program to the best of my recollection. This program aired on TV Ontario, TVO, TVOntario. It featured on a boy named Eric and a girl named Debbie. A close friend of theirs was Mr. Bean who owned a Toy Shop. They would often visit him at the toy store. I found Mr. Bean not always to be overly friendly and downright curt with the kids sometimes. Eric probably deserved it though. No idea as to the real names of the characters/actors from this show. If you have any info - please e-mail me.

Here is how the theme went:

"Round the corner, down the lane,
let's go see Mr. Bean again.
Mr. Bean plus Eric makes two,
Two plus You (and you and you).

Episode Guide (Thanks Mike W):

1: "The Teddy Bear Who Wanted To Go Home"
2: "The Great Train Contest"
3: "The Treasure Trail"
4: "Rain, Rain Go Away"
5: "A Hard Day's Night"
6: "Mr. Bean's New Games"
7: "Patterns"
8: "Ten Has It's Place"
9: "The Stick That Helped"
10: "The Secret Message"
11: "Hot Or Cold"
12: "A Balance For Everything"
13: "Are You Ready For A Game?"
14: "A Very Fine Line"
15: "Fair Exchange"
16: "Mr. Bean's Special Day"