WHAT IF.......


Only remember seeing this show in the summer of 1979 on Camp TV Ontario (Camp TVO, Camp TVOntario). I seem to recall this being a ten-part series. A group of kids - maybe 4 or 5 of them, maybe around 12 -14 years old had this place they hung out at - looked like it was a clubhouse of some type. Inside the clubhouse was some computer/transporter that took them to different situations. In each episode, two or three of the kids were transported somewhere different and the people left at the clubhouse had to figure out how to get them back. One place some of the characters were sent to - was a country where people were doing things backwards. They torn down new buildings and put up old ones. There was always someone messing around with them trying to sabotage their efforts in coming back - in this case it was the Mysyery Man - who was the Mystery Man? It was Billy Van dressed up in a red outfit, with a big letter M on his chest! You just don't get programs like this anymore!

Brian provides his memories of this show:

In helping with the info on the What If show, I actually recall it playing in the summer months (July or August) with the shows nearly back to back. I recall one of the 'lost' kids not getting back til the very end of the series.

The two major points I recall was that at the end of every show there was a viewer feedback announcement. So it was basically a pilot series.

Shortly after the end of its run, Read All About it popped up in the fall season with I believe one of the original cast members...it could be David or Lydia...but I could be wrong.

So in short, I was convinced that What If was a pilot of Read All About It. It had the clubhouse, the monitor and the mysterious hidden adult enemy plotting his schemes. Only the target demographics appeared to be lowered to a younger age group...actually mine...LOL!