Write On was a 5 minute Grammar program that aired on TVO, TV Ontario, TVOntario

Each episode dealt with a certain aspect of proper Grammar. In this episode the theme was Quotation Marks. I remember episodes that dealt with "it's, its', its" "Comma Splices" "Tenses"

The outside of Mr. Mortons office.

Henry played by Paul Brown has once again made a mistake in his work.

Mr. Morton played by Jack Creley is going to show Henry what he has done wrong

Normally Ms. Newton played by Diane Dewey would sit at the empty desk there in the background. Ms. Newton would often help Henry correct his errors before Mr. Morton saw them

Henry makes a dash to his typewriter to make the necessary changes for Mr. Morton

We would often see mistakes and corrections on a psudeo-looking piece of paper.

This show usually aired at 6:55 at night on TVO, TVOntario, TV Ontario.

Henry would often daydream causing him to be late with his assignment.

I recall one episode where he dreamt he was Julius Ceasar making a speech - people booed since he was using the wrong tense or something like that - his speech concluded with a line about Kitty Litter.

Often visitors would come into the office. Leo the Lion and Slick Stagger are two visitors I recall.

Here are some screen caps from various episodes:

Stocky Mariano: Vigorous Verbs (Uri Kelebay as Stocky Mariano)

La Bellicosa: Adverbs (Elsie Sawchuk as the lovely La Bellicosa)

Calling Dr. Kent: Concrete Nouns (Classic Day Dream sequence - Henry specialty)

The Escaped Convict: Adjectives (Frank Ruffo as The Convict)

Miss Grouse: Avoiding Cliches


Paul Brown e-mailed me and let me know how much he enjoyed working on this show. He said that Jack Creley, Diane Dewey and himself all had a fantastic chemistry working together.

To see what Paul Brown is upto these days - check out this website and look at "Caught in the Net"

These are the fine people that helped make this show happen:

Mr. R. H. Morton - Jack Creley
Miss Newton - Diane Dewey
Henry Kent - Paul Brown

Technical Director - Jim Anderson
Video - Dennis Paul
Audio - George Claridge
Videotape Editor - Brian Elston / Bob Baker
Production Assistant - Ilona Herzberg
Director - Leo Orenstein
Executive Producer - Philip Nixon



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